Friday, February 10, 2006

Taste of Winning

We won the pitch!!! That's all I can say. How can we win? Maybe because our concept is really good... or maybe, just because we're damn good at our fields of works, creativity and knowledge... or maybe just because we make friends with the right person who really know how to contribute to our everyday life’s… who knows. One thing for sure, in front of us, stand tall the biggest work we have to work on. Not just because big name that our client wore. It also because the concept it self, it’s huge enough to occupied our minds and time in next couple of months.

The question of project management still lies…how can we engage this? How can we execute this and that? You can have the smartest idea in the whole world, but if we talk about success, we involve a big portion of execution. How good we are in execution? How can we minimize our risk in this project? Me my self, don’t tolerate failure for this project even in a small amount. Another question came from the dark alley, how can we treat our own project? Or other project that will absorbing our thoughts? Is it adding more men on board will be the answer? I think that’s a mandatory thing to do but not the real answer. Planning… planning… planning… it’s the name of the game.

Just like one of my mentor have said it, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. Easy to said and very hard to implement… Experience… experience… experience… it’s another name of the game.

One more thing, wish us luck on this. Because the excitement just escalating… ;)