Tuesday, September 20, 2005

South Park

Recently, I become an addict to this cartoon series called "South Park". Even their theme song always "playing" in my mind.... It is not a good cartoon for toddlers, but hell yaa....it's a good one for adults like us.

The story it self sometimes not as deep as "The Simpson" if you seen it already. South Park is more in the dark side of all things...the dirty speech, the moral of the story, the silly things that become a main topic of each episode (thanks to the creator, Matt Stone and Trey Parker).The uniqueness appear very strong from the main character, Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle, who has different family background with different problems. Cartman who raised by a single parents and make him become a spoil annoying kid, Kenny who has a very poor family and a looser drunken addict father, Stan the cutest one that in one episode his mom and dad separate, and Kyle the smartest one from a Jews family with a dominant mother. The whole story is package with many other characters like Mr. Garrison, a fourth grader teacher who had a split personality or Uncle Jimbo, a Vietnam war veteran who really love to hunt (they coming right at ya!). Can you imagine how twisted it is?

No matter this cartoon is so twisted and sick, but still, they try to send a message to us. Message about life it self from perspective of four fourth grader kids, that sometimes become naïve and positive about everything.
Can we have a clear mind of a child and not contaminated with all the sickness that happened all around us? At least we can keep on trying...